Overcoming opposites.

  • Exceptional detail reproduction
  • Outstanding stability in the tray and intraorally
  • Remarkable flow properties under light pressure
  • Balanced hydrophilicity
  • Neutral taste and honey scent

Professional precision for all indications.

Since its introduction in 1997 Honigum has evolved to one of the most successful and preferred impression materials worldwide. DMG continues to enhance its product portfolio to meet the dentists’ varying needs.
Thus, Honigum offers highest precision for all indications and techniques.

From mono-phase to double mixing, from correction impressions to secure implantological impression post fixations: the Honigum family offers a reliable solution for all indications.

Honigum-Heavy, -Light, -Mono, -Putty and Honigum-MixStar Putty have one aspect in common: the best material quality combined with an intelligent application.

The optimized MixStar cartridges can be comfortably mixed and dispensed in DMG’s MixStar-eMotion and all other commercially available mixing devices. In order to distinguish the various product variants all cartridges are color-coded and the cartridges indicate the respective working times and the time in mouth in order to promote accurate treatment processes.

Overcoming opposites.

Impression materials generally require compromises. They either exhibit good flow characteristics or stability.
The VPSbased precision impression material Honigum, however, is different.

Thanks to the DMG-patented rheologically active matrix Honigum-Light, Honigum-Mono and  Honigum-Heavy yield best results in both disciplines.

And the DMG Putty variants overcome the opposites at exactly the most critical point for the dentist and treatment.
With its unique Snap-Set technology the hand-mix Honigum-Putty combines a comfor- table working time with a very short setting time.

Honigum-MixStar Putty is offering a true automatically mixed putty consistency from the MixStar cartridge.